Pure Documentary Photography

For our conventional service, we bring a literal van-load of stuff to your wedding--lenses, cameras, lights, soft boxes, reflectors, backdrops, tripods, you name it. If we own it, it goes along 'just in case.' We get out of the van and strap on big, professional-grade Nikon DSLR cameras paired with fast Nikkor lenses that can lock and track focus instantaneously through all kinds of darkness. Then we work tirelessly for 12-14 hours, following you through hair salons, hotel rooms, golf courses, cathedrals and back-yard tents, pressing shutter button thousands of times in hopes of getting as much of your wedding day as possible onto our memory cards.

For a Blue Swan X wedding, we bring less gear and more discretion. Instead of trying to capture everything, we slow down and focus on finding the moments that matter most, then distill them into something transcendent. 

Blue Swan X is distinguished by:

- A single photographer dedicated to a strict journalistic ethos, documenting what happens and revealing the why, all with minimal interference.
- Commitment to available light and a small footprint - no bulky photo umbrellas or giant soft boxes.
- Primarily black and white photographs, with color images soaked in a classic palette reminiscent of Kodachrome film.
- Small, unobtrusive mirrorless cameras capable of completely silent operation.
- Minimal post-processing, for a true-to-life look and feel to your wedding photos.
- 100 of our favorite prints delivered in a handsome, personalized gift box, alongside a complete digital record of your wedding day.
- A 2450 USD rate for all-inclusive, full-day service, including photo editing and reproduction rights.