Here's what we're all about:

1. Journalistic candids that discreetly capture the story of your wedding day.
These are moments caught within moments, and when strung together they form a scaffold for your imagination to fill. Candids are what make hiring us worthwhile; we believe strongly that these are the images that will best preserve the emotional resonance of your wedding day. Not just what happened, but who you and yours were at that time, in that moment. 

2. Portraits that tap the heart of your relationship
Seven years from now- maybe after a big fight - you can look at those photographs and remember that yes indeed, at one point in time you were totally hot for each other, so maybe you should go make up :-)

3. Crisp, high contrast black and whites
Strip out color to nail the true meaning of the moment, and smooth, natural color images that reveal the warmth and beauty of people and things within.

4. Capturing the natural humor that arises during your wedding day all on its own. 
If you know what to look for, there's no need to force anything.

5. Kids
We love kids (we have three of our own, 11, 8 and 11 months) and have lots of experience getting them to reach maximum adorability before snapping the shutter button.

6. Discretion
In other words, not immortalizing anything that would be embarrassing to you and/or your guests.

7. Being us
A funny, sometimes fiesty but always loving married couple who are terrific all-day companions for your wedding adventure.



Here's what we're not into:

1. The 'flash-lit' look. Have you ever seen an image where the bride and groom look like they've been photoshopped onto a background? Yeeeeaaah. . . . we don't do that. We've invested in top-of-the-line professional equipment that allows us to usually capture images using only the light that's naturally available, lending a very true-to-life, unobtrusive feel to our images. People in conventionally flash-lit photos usually look like someone's pointing a flashlight in their face, which is almost never flattering. There are times when using a flash is unavoidable and we'll bring plenty of ways to create and shape light with us on your wedding day, but we'll never point a camera-mounted flash directly at you. Boo. 

2. Selective color. You know, where you have a black and white image that has one color visible in a selected area - red roses or something. If your reaction to the last sentence was 'OMG I love that!' than we're probably not the photographers for you. 

3. Black and whites that look like blobs of grey. That's what you get when you all you do is click the 'black and white' button, and the result is a lifeless and boring photo. We work our B&Ws so that there is actually 'black' and 'white,' as well as a sharp, vibrant edge that turns an ordinary image into a classic.

4. Charging extra for ownership and copyright of your images. It's your story. It belongs to you. Keeping the files from you traps those memories in a place where they can't do any good, and that's just. . . wrong. With us, you'll get a flash drive packed with high resolution copies of every single image we take.